Stone Doctors, Inc. is a professional restoration company that specializes in services ranging from performing routine polishing and sealing your marble, granite and ceramic floors, walls and countertops to complete restoration projects including grinding, honing and polishing. We have the experience and technical knowledge to identify and solve stone issues including scratched, etched or water marked stone.
Stone Doctors can professionally identify and solve tile and grout issues such as dirty grout, grout haze, improper sealing, inconsistent grout color and mildew stains. We can also help you change the look of your floor without having to incur the cost and mess of tearing up your old tile or stone floor. This process can be as simple as coloring your grout or utilizing an enhancing sealer on your natural stone. These processes also help extend the life of your tile and grout. The colorant is an epoxy based sealant that gives you incredible resistance to staining while easing the effort you spend on cleaning your unprotected grout. You choose the color, we do all the work.

Stone Doctors can remove old fireplaces & re-seat, fabricate & install new fireplaces of cast concrete or any natural stone. We can restore fireplaces to client specifications, clean and strip paint from detailed carving.

Stone Doctors, Inc. services Boston Metro Area and New England States